If someone feels constant bad feelings of sadness and less or no interest in daily activities, he may have facing depression in his life. This condition is also known as major depressive disorder.


Symptoms of Depression

  • Unhappy of sad mood.
  • Disturbance in sleep schedule, too much sleep or little sleep.
  • Loose your interest as well as motivation and less interest in daily routine work.
  • Physically weak and less care about your life goals.
  • Too much thinking about negative thoughts and worried about past, present and future.
  • Decrease in performance.
  • Abnormal appetite i.e. too much or little eating.
  • Severe anxiety attacks in different situations.
  • Suicidal feelings in mind most of the time.

Here are some different ways to get rid of depression in your life and increase your sense of well-being.

1.      Meet yourself where you are

Meet yourself where you are is actually a state of accepting yourself, Know yourself and believe in yourself. Keep yourself strong and always ready to face any kid of situation. Depression affects billions of people. Being open, patient and loving your own life by accepting all the challenges may help you to cure your depression, so meet yourself and accept what and where you are.

2.      Do the opposite of what the ‘depression voice’ suggests

Due to depression You will have various thoughts in your mind which will lead to hopelessness, but you have to think and act against all these thoughts. Unhelpful voice in your mind may talk you out of self-help. But if you identify this voice, you can get energy to work through it. If you think that an event won’t be fun or helpful, say to your mind “may be you are right, but it will be better than just wasting time and sitting here another night”. You may observe that spontaneous thought isn’t always useful.

3.      Regular exercise

As we all know that exercise is much needed and beneficial to our body. Depressive symptoms can be removed by adding exercise in your daily routine. Exercise can be, walk, yoga, cycling or any other physical activity you like the most. Regular exercise can not only control your depression but also guarantee your long and healthy life.

4.      Balanced diet

A balanced diet is not complete cure for depression, but depression can be controlled to a large extent through a balanced diet. According to a WHO survey up to 30% of depression can be controlled by balanced diet plan. Focus on whole, nutrient rich foods, like fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains as well as healthy fats. Decrease processed foods, sugary snacks, and excessive calorie intake. Portion control also shows an important role to treat with depression, so be attentive to your serving proportions.

5.      Reward your efforts

Rewarding yourself for your achievements can be a good way to manage depression. Strengthen yourself and learn to appreciate your small efforts. It is important to achieve your goal, but it is most important to celebrate your achievements. Achieving your goals and celebrate it can be a powerful tool against depression as well as anxiety. Be focus on your goals and celebrate it wonderfully.

6.      Spend time in nature



Spending time in nature is very beneficial for depression. Spend time in nature, walk in forest, take a few days from your busy life to nature, go trekking, forget your past and future and focus on your present.  Deep breath in nature can have a powerful effect on a person’s mood. It is suggested that walks in nature may overcome depressive symptoms in individuals with clinical depression. Spending time in a lush green park or a hike among beautiful mountains all these activities can help you to remove your depression and will connect you with nature as well.

7.      Spend time with loved ones

One of he causes of depression is separation from your loved ones. Don’t distance yourself from your loved ones. Depression can push you to isolate yourself, away from people you love and trust. Spend time with your loved ones, call them, chats with them and try to convince yourself that these people care about you. Resist the inducement to feel like you are a burden. You need the communication with loved ones.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the causes of depression?

There are several causes of depression including biological, psychological or combination of these two, some environmental factors can also cause depression among individuals.

Is depression treatable?

There are various treatments of depression, which are effective and have been proved through research. Many people ignore the symptoms of depression due to lack of awareness among community. Untreated depression can cause a severe illness, so take the first step and contact with your doctor.

What are some of the treatments for depression?

Commonly we use two types of treatments for depression. Medication, for severe cases and psychotherapy for normal cases, psychotherapy is the first line treatment for depression.

Can depression affect children?

Yes, just like adults, depression can also affect the children, but depression rate is less in children as compare to adults.

Is depression is treatable without professional help?

As depression have different types, mild symptoms of depression can be controlled by self-care and support while severe symptoms of depression require therapy and medication for depression.

How to diagnose depression?

Depression can only be diagnosed by a mental health specialist. Medical history and symptoms are observed in depression diagnose process.

Can depression lead to suicidal thoughts?

Yes depression can give rise to suicidal thoughts. If you see any such patient around you, immediately take him to the doctor and get treated.

How long does depression usually last?

There are different types of depression, some people have short-term depression, while others have long-term depression. Depression can be treated with proper treatment, if you or someone around you is suffering from depression, consult a doctor immediately.

Is depression a sign of weakness or a character flaw?

No, this is not a sign of weakness as it. Depression is a medical condition which is influenced by different factors like genetics, psychological and environmental.

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