The following is the price of the Vivo V23e in Pakistan

To begin, let me say that I am.


To begin, let me say that I am.

Vivo continues to captivate those who are interested in technology with the inventive devices that it produces. The mobile phone industry is constantly evolving. Fans of mobile devices in Pakistan are quite excited about the Vivo V23e, the company’s most recent addition to its lineup of products, which has generated a significant amount of hype.

The Vivo V23e, designed to reimagine interactions with customers and comes packed with cutting-edge features and a streamlined appearance, is already available for purchase. As of August 2023, how about we dive right into the nitty-gritty details of this apparatus, including its price and the defining characteristics of its champions?

The following is the price of the Vivo V23e in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the Vivo V23e is now being sold for a price of Rs. 49,999 as of August 2023. Using this grading system, the mobile phone is presented as an appealing option for consumers who are looking for a combination of components of very good quality without spending all of their money on them.

The Most Important Ingredients:

Exquisite Structure: The Vivo V23e flaunts a sleek and slick structure that is sure to get people’s attention because of how eye-catching it is. The device exudes an excellent look and feel thanks to its slim profile and rounded corners; as a result, it is in and of itself a design statement.

Vivid Presentation One of the standout features of the Vivo V23e is its 6.5-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display, which also happens to be one of its champion elements. The show provides dramatic tones, rich contrasts, and outstanding survey points, making it ideal for sight and sound applications, gaming, and everyday tasks.

Amazing Camera Structure Photography Enthusiasts Will Recognize the Value in the Vivo V23e’s Camera Arrangement. The Vivo V23e comes equipped with an amazing camera structure. The primary sensor on this device has a resolution of 48 megapixels, and it also features intelligence enhancements that are based on computer processing. The camera that faces forward is also interesting, as it has a high-goal sensor that allows for the capture of very stunning selfies.

Strong Execution: The engine of the Vivo V23e is controlled by a robust octa-center CPU, timed at 2.0 GHz, which assures the smooth performance of a variety of tasks and proficient execution. In conjunction with a suitable amount of Slam, customers can anticipate lag-free experiences when swapping applications and playing games.

Capacity that is more than adequate: The mobile phone comes with 128GB of internal storage, which provides sufficient space for applications, images, and recordings, and that’s only the beginning. In addition, users can increase capacity even further by making use of a microSD card, which ensures that they will never run out of storage space.

Battery Life: In response to feedback from previous purchasers, the Vivo V23e comes equipped with a sizable battery that has a capacity of 4,500 mAh. This, in conjunction with an intelligent battery management board, ensures increased utilization without the need for repeated recharging.

The device has a number of different biometric verification options, such as a finger impression scanner that is hidden behind the display and facial recognition, which together add another degree of security to the information you have access to.

4G Availability: Although the world may be moving toward 5G, the Vivo V23e promises persistent 4G availability for dependable online browsing, streaming, and communication even as the world moves toward 5G.

Programming and User Experience: The mobile phone is powered by the Funtouch operating system developed by Vivo. This system provides a user-friendly interface in addition to a wide variety of personalization options. The operational system utilizes the latest version of Android, which ensures that users have access to all of the most recent features as well as any available security updates.

In summary, to summarize:

In August of 2023, the Vivo V23e emerged as a compelling option for Pakistani consumers looking to purchase a cell phone in the mid-range price bracket. The V23e provides an exciting package at a reasonable price of Rs. 49,999 thanks to its combination of a sleek design, remarkable camera capabilities, powerful performance, and easy-to-understand programming.

Customers throughout the country will have a better overall experience with their mobile devices after Vivo releases the V23e, which continues the company’s trend of pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

People who want to have fun and add creative elements to their self-portraits are the target audience for the V23e, which is designed to answer this desire with an industry-leading front camera and features that are packed to the gills with innovation.

“Selfies taken with the 50MP AF Portrait Selfie have been described as having vivid colors and a high level of clarity. Another exciting function included in the vivo V23e is called Double Exposure, and it enables users to insert backdrop photographs into other graphics. This opens up an unlimited number of options for users to express their individuality through their style and creativity.

The V23e’s Steadi face Selfie Video mode provides rock-solid video stabilization, which eliminates the possibility of blurry or shaky selfies.

The cutting-edge design and cutting-edge manufacturing process have resulted in the brand-new V23e having a thickness of just 7.36mm*, making it exceptionally thin and light. It also has a 2.5D flat frame, which is the result of the unique design. The V23e Moonlight Shadow edition is distinguished by a revolutionary ceramic film coating that, when subjected to nanoscale processing, exposes a profound sense of elegance and a refined palate.

The Sunshine Coast edition, on the other hand, features AG glass, which has a touch that is as silky smooth as jade and as much warmth as a piece of jade.


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